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Get lost in Saigon Vietnam

In less than a decade, Saigon Vietnam has transformed itself into a dynamic Asian boomtown. Everything here is exotic, unique, and absolutely worth discovering. You will get lost in time, in tons of tasty food and among the endless aisles of local specialties. 1. Get lost in time Museums in Saigon Many of the most […]

Top 10 things to do in Vietnam (part 1)

From tasty street food in Hanoi to riding a motorcycle on curly mountain passes of Sapa, there’re tons of things for you in this beautiful Southeast Asian country. These are 10 things to do in Vietnam we suggest you should not miss. 1. Vietnamese Coffee Coffee was brought to Vietnam by French colonialists. However, over […]

Stunning photos of Hanoi street vendors from above

A Dutch photographer has spent a lot of time on a bridge in the middle of Hanoi, just to capture one of the most lovely moments of Hanoi street. Photographer Loes Heerink from the Netherland has live in Hanoi for 4 years. The street vendors here with plenty of things on their bikes, wandering around […]

Saigon Cafes: Top 10 Instagram-worthy (Part 1)

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that Saigon is the wonderland of the cafes. Cafes in Saigon appear all over the streets and in every teeny tiny alleyway. Somes even hide secretly in unnoticeable old-style blocks. From nostalgic ones to those luxurious, one can hardly walk through all of Saigon cafes. All can give you […]

A wonderful trip on the Mekong Delta

We just got back from a two-day private tour to Mekong Delta spending the night in a homestay (which was pre-arranged by Mrs Trang of Eviva tour). Different from the previous trip, we wanted to experience the daily life of local people in the Mekong Delta. “Abundant” is the best adjective to describe the delta. […]

6 most attracted bars in Hanoi

Tadioto, The Doors or +84 are great places for foreigners to come to exchange about art, listen to music and enjoy drinks when they are in Hanoi. Tadioto From abstract paintings, artistic decorations, cloth lanterns to steel bars, everything in Tadioto shows the sophistication of the owner, writer Nguyen Qui Duc. Mr. Duc painted, designed, […]

Lantern artisan in Hanoi

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Mr.Sinh (Hanoi) scrapes bamboo rafts to sell lanterns throughout the province, with the desire for children to play traditional, non-toxic toys. Each Mid-Autumn Festival, Mr. Sinh’s family makes lanterns. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy, the daughter-in-law of Sinh, is finishing the frame. There are two types of frames, bamboo […]

Saigon’s most notorious prison

The Ho Chi Minh City General Library (District 1), which is the Saigon Grand Prison – the horrors of prisoners and the public with the public death penalty, the guillotine has a 50 kg knife blade… After defeating the Nguyen and capturing Cochinchina, the French quickly established a new rule in the new land. One […]