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Saigon Cafes: Top 10 Instagram-worthy (Part 1)

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that Saigon is the wonderland of the cafes. Cafes in Saigon appear all over the streets and in every teeny tiny alleyway. Somes even hide secretly in unnoticeable old-style blocks. From nostalgic ones to those luxurious, one can hardly walk through all of Saigon cafes. All can give you tons of chance to capture a perfect post for your Instagram in a very cool, hip vibe.

Not just coffee, cafes in Saigon usually have many kinds of tea and drinks from the fresh fruit. Some also serve breakfast, lunch or dinner. For most of the time, cafes here are places of relaxation or little chit chat, but there are some for those who are looking for an ideal place to work, too. Coffee shop here often has its own concept. Choose one or some that impress you, and enjoy a cup of Vietnamese iced coffee. And moreover, enjoy a very specialty you might not find anywhere else. The coffee here is not simply just a drink but a culture, a very unique one of the city.

work coffee cafes Saigon Cafes

cafe runam cafes Saigon Cafes

the worshop coffee cafes Saigon Cafes

L'Usine coffee cafes Saigon Cafes

Teaspoon Coffee and Tearoom Saigon Cafes

You will definitely not a waste of time experiencing these cafes. Find one and become a real Saigonese for a moment while sipping every drop. You’ll feel a very slow pace of this noisy bustling city that is usually very hard to find. Seems like a Saigon cafes tour is something you must do in Saigon, right?

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