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Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh Travel Guide

An A to Z of Quy Nhon Travel Tips

Quy Nhon has become a more and more alluring destination thanks to its breath-taking beauty, economical transportation, convenient accommodations and savoury cuisines. With the prospering tourism, Quy Nhon has successfully attracted hundreds of tourists every year. Quy Nhon travel guide with information and advice about transportation, accommodation, attractions, food & beverage for your trips. Transportation […]

Galina Da Nang

Da Nang is famous for long stunning beaches with crystal blue sea and white sand. Coming to Da Nang, tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful beaches, but also find many other types of entertaining activities. One of them is the mud bath in Galina, something worth to try once in Da Nang. Located next […]

Hoi An: A seductive shining jewel

If you ever wonder how to satisfy your cravings for traveling, just uncover the enchanting Hoi An, the greatest paradise I’ve ever set foot on. Hoi An is one of many magnificent destinations for not only Vietnamese but also foreign travelers – which, in a not so exaggerated way, is a grappling hook of attraction. […]

Sea-walking: An extraordinary experience at Cham Islands

Have you ever imaged that you could breathe normally underwater as a mermaid? Have you ever thought how you could communicate with each other in such strange environment? Apparently, it is no longer your imagination anymore, the sea-trek at Cham Islands in Hoi An, Viet Nam will allow you to encounter those experience impressively. What […]

A wonderful time in Da Nang

Let’s get away from the bustling city life to have a full relaxation holiday resting and refilling your energy. The last 4-day-trip to Da Nang brought me unforgettable experiences and was one of our best holidays ever. After months of working, all you need is to relax and to clear your mind. For me, going […]

Mysterious Kate festival of Cham ethnic

Kate Festival is one of the biggest festivals of Cham ethnic people in Vietnam. This is an occasion for all villagers to gather around their holy place to worship for good luck and health, as well as dance and sing for their Gods an ancient King. Champa’s Kate Festival. Film by Wanderlust Dreamers Kate Festival, […]

Hoi An – A great day

What a beautiful day during our trip in Hoi An – Viet Nam. The weather in Hoi An was hotter than in Hanoi. It was about at least 35 degree C with sweat running off most of the day, sun very intense and even locals found it hot.

Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island – Heaven on earth

Volcano eruption had built the island’s topography about 25 – 30 million years ago. Ancient traces of Sa Huynh 200 years before Christ found in Ly Son highlight the long history of the island. In 1863, the Nguyen Dynasty established a militia force to examine sea route, collecting taxes and fishing along Hoang Sa Archipelago. […]

5 things FREE in Da Nang

Da Nang is not only one of the top wonderful destinations in Vietnam with stunning landscape and delicious seafood but also is well-known as the most civilized city in Vietnam. Moreover, Da Nang has free things that will amaze tourists. 1. Free pure water on street You can easily see a bottle of iced water […]