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Mekong Rustic Can Tho

Responsible travel suppliers: Mekong Rustic

In Vietnam, “Responsible Tourism” is increasingly a well-received trend. This approach deals not only with tourists, but also with suppliers, who raise awareness about culture and the environment, minimize the negative impact of tourism, and create more jobs, income for local people. One of the projects that capture this spirit is Mekong Rustic. If you […]

A young and enquiring mind takes to travel

Were it not for the pandemic, my daughter Wolf and I would have spent the summer travelling to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Chongqing. But with borders closed, we came up with Plan B: visiting five national parks from Vietnam’s north to south: Cat Ba and Cuc Phuong in the north, Phong Nha and Bach Ma in […]

A review of Halong Bay seaplane tour

Last summer, I discovered one of the oldest attractions in Vietnam – Ha Long Bay, from a whole new perspective: via a seaplane of Hai Au Aviation. I must say, this joining Halong Bay seaplane tour in Vietnam was just as exciting as flying above the Maldives. The day I planned finally came: I got […]

A Taste of Phu Quoc Island in 48 Hours

Phu Quoc Island, the pristine beauty filled with sunshine, emerald sea, and white sand, always entice visitors to immerse themselves in the island’s nature with unforgettable experiences. At least once in a lifetime, everyone has the thought of getting out of their tedious and monotonous life to take a refreshing change, or simply just a […]

Discovering Vietnam’s south – The Magic of the Mekong Delta

Discovering Vietnam’s south, visit Mekong Delta with a system of rivers and channels, juicy rice fields and small villages in between: The Mekong Delta has a magic of its own with beautiful nature and a laid-back lifestyle. Relaxed vibe While the rest of Vietnam is often hectic and crowded, the south and especially the Mekong […]

A wonderful trip on the Mekong Delta

We just got back from a two-day private tour to Mekong Delta spending the night in a homestay (which was pre-arranged by Mrs Trang of Eviva tour). Different from the previous trip, we wanted to experience the daily life of local people in the Mekong Delta. “Abundant” is the best adjective to describe the delta. […]

Spring wildflowers in Northwest Vietnam

I journeyed to Northwest Vietnam in the gentle breezy cold first days of spring; interestingly, I was strongly impressed by multi – colored wildflowers in blossom in Northwest Mountains. I departed from Hanoi and journeyed through Highway 1A to Lang Son. Along the paths I encountered amazing white and pink plum and peach fields. Meanwhile, […]

Great trip in Sapa, Vietnam

Hello from Italy. We have just come back from Viet Nam after a long trip. We really enjoyed our holidays and love the way that our tour operator – Ms. Thuy Nhung @ Eviva Tour Vietnam – organized my journey. We spent 6 days in the north (Ha Noi, Ha Long, Sapa), 5 days in […]

Mai Chau, Vietnam – a fresh Asia destination

After attending the Vietnam International Conference in Finance in Hanoi, we had 1 free day before coming back to Singapore. We were interested in going to Sapa and experiencing ethnic minority’s life in Vietnam. However, as the time was constrained, we had to choose an alternative destination. Mai Chau is recommended by Eviva Tour as […]

Phu Quoc specialities

Everything about Phu Quoc’s specialities

We did have a memorable honey moon to Phu Quoc in 1 week. We were impressed by the sun, wind, sea and white sandy beaches; especially the specialties here: rambutan, fish sauce, pepper and sea food. When we travel along the path across the island in June, we saw a rambutan garden with ripe fruit, […]