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Markets on highland areas Vietnam

Markets on highland areas Vietnam

One of the main tourist attractions in Sapa is the abundance of charming local markets held in the district that gather different communities and ethnicities. These colorful and unique markets shoot up when sunrise, displaying a wide range of commodities for sale. People from different ethnic groups come here together to sell their products or […]

fun facts about Vietnam

Some “weird” but fun facts about Vietnam

Despite the differences in lifestyle and culture, Vietnam’s tourism still attracts visitors by its natural scenery, people, long-standing culture, and magnanimous historic stories. Moreover, Vietnam also is considered one of the happiest countries in the world. Let’s discover some “weird” but fun facts about Vietnam that might cause you shocks. 1. Brushing teeth before breakfast […]

Bat Trang Ceramic Museum

Bat Trang Ceramic Museum

Built with inspiration from the curves of pottery wheels, the Bat Trang Pottery Museum is an ideal tourist destination in Hanoi. Bat Trang Pottery Museum is located in Village No.5, Bat Trang Commune, Gia Lam District, Hanoi. Construction commenced in 2018 on an area of 3,700 square metres. It was developed in the context that […]

Vai thieu Thanh Ha

About 10 must-try tropical fruits of Vietnam

The first type I want to recommend is Lychee. Lychee has long become a favorite fruit because of its sweet taste and attractive aroma. The lychee has a slightly rough, thin, bright red skin, the inside is a thick white pulp compared to other fabrics, the seeds are small. May of the Lunar calendar is […]

Lemongrass Hanoi Spa & Nails

5 Best Nail Salons in Hanoi Old Quarter

Amidst a myriad of fine nail salons and spas including nail services in Hanoi, choosing a suitable one can be a tough decision. Spend a few minutes to check out the list of some prominent nail rooms below to exactly know where to go to have a soothing manicure/pedicure experience. Top 5 Nail Salons in […]

Top Yoga Centers in Da Nang

Top 07 Yoga Centers in Danang to keeping your Health and Youth

Yoga has long become the No.1 priority of all “health tips” to promote health, bring peace of mind, balance, preserve the beauty of our youth and longevity. Yoga is suitable for all ages, genders, all conditions, health conditions and meets all the physical needs as well as long-term health benefits. Please check top 7 Yoga […]

Top Nails in Saigon

Top 5 Nail Salons in Ho Chi Minh City

Whether you are a nail polish addict or so into nicely decorated nails to keep yourself looking your best, Ho Chi Minh City has a vast array of lovely nail salons to offer. If you think polishing your nails with colors is too basic, we have picked out 5 well-known salons in the city which […]

Bun Cha Hanoi

Bun, Mien, Pho Cuon – Unique features in Vietnamese cuisine

In addition to Pho – a typical dish that should be on your list when in Vietnam, there are also other delicious dishes made from the same ingredients, such as: Bun (vermicelli), Pho “Cuon” (spring rolls with beef), Mien that once eating, you will remember them forever. Their variety, eye-catching display, and delectable are the […]

Tho Ha – an ancient pottery village in Vietnam

Tho Ha is a village that represents the soul of Vietnam. This is an ideal place to sense the simple rustic and warmth of our homeland, therefore, by the time you have to leave, you will be filled with a feeling of regret for wanting to stay longer. Tho Ha is the name of a […]

Khau Vai love market

7 cultural markets come only once a year in Vietnam

There is no jostling as well as no bargaining scene. Everyone, from sellers to buyers, comes here just to pray for luck and look forward to a year full of fortune. 1. Khau Vai love market (Chợ tình Khâu Vai) Near the end of the third lunar month, on the Ha Giang rocky plateau, everyone […]