Discover Nha Trang on Harems Cruise

What is the greater way to discover the stunning beauty of Nha Trang beach? Harems Cruise will guide you to a mind-blowing adventure in Nha Trang with many exciting activities.

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The long sandy beaches, green bays, cultural convergence and unique cuisine make Nha Trang an attractive place to escape, explore and relax. It only takes about 5 minutes to get to Nha Trang harbor and get on Harems Cruise and enjoy your spare time, have a rich buffet, observe a romantic sunset along the beach or take a trip to beautiful islands.

Harems Cruise

From your first step on the cruise, you’ll be welcomed by professional staff with cool drinks have been prepared for you. Wander along the deck, you will see the glittering lights from the faraway buildings in the midst of the sunset swinging on the water. You may want to lie down on the stylish and comfortable sofas are on the deck. As the boat moving along the coast, Nha Trang appears in front of you with the majestic scenery of the mountains.

You will have chance to enjoy a dinner buffet with Asian dishes and Vietnamese specialties from three regions, while calm your soul listening to the Philippines band in the romantic scene under the moonlight. The service team is always considerate to give you a memorable cruise trip. On the second floor, a party promises you a hectic night, you’ll be bathed in rainbow-colored lights and electronic music.

With day cruises, Harems Cruise brings you another amazing adventure and many exciting activities. You can lie down sunbathing on the deck, admiring the charming beauty of the wild nature of a tropical country. Enjoy the sound of the waves, sunk in the blue ocean, get into the colourful world under the sea, scuba diving and banana boat riding are experiences you should not miss.

Harems 2 Cruise’s origin is from Norway that is 40 meters long, 10.1 meters wide, and 15 meters high. It is inclusive of 3 decks which are structured with 3 floors of restaurant, bar, sundeck with capacity up to 200 guests. With open space is the idea for guests enjoying the panoramic view towards white sandy beaches along with tropical palms. Harems 2 Cruise also provides an ideal venue for wedding & engagement ceremonies, parties & cocktails and all kinds of corporate events.