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Hoi An, Vietnam

A western look on Vietnam

We all have some stereotypes about almost everything, Vietnam is also suffering from clichés. This article will show you that it’s much better to travel; discovering a culture by yourself, rather than blindly believe in others. You will discover some aspects of Vietnam through a westerner’s look. And realize that the reality can be different […]

Stunning photos of Hanoi street vendors from above

A Dutch photographer has spent a lot of time on a bridge in the middle of Hanoi, just to capture one of the most lovely moments of Hanoi street. Photographer Loes Heerink from the Netherland has live in Hanoi for 4 years. The street vendors here with plenty of things on their bikes, wandering around […]

A wonderful trip on the Mekong Delta

We just got back from a two-day private tour to Mekong Delta spending the night in a homestay (which was pre-arranged by Mrs Trang of Eviva tour). Different from the previous trip, we wanted to experience the daily life of local people in the Mekong Delta. “Abundant” is the best adjective to describe the delta. […]