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Amazingly beautiful Hanoi

PEOPLE DON’T LOVE HANOI BY ACCIDENT IT IS EXTRAORDINARY LANDSCAPE & PEOPLE APPEAL THEM Hanoi shines in every angle: its ancientness, its modernity, its young and serenity. Everything mingles with each other to make a unique beauty. Hanoi lovers still are impressed and immerse themselves in the extraordinary beauty of Hanoi: the street corners they […]

Bamboo Crafting in Vietnam

Bamboo crafting is not just making something. Also, bamboo is not just material for products. Bamboo has many similarities to Vietnamese people’s spirit and personalities. There are many villages where whole communities craft bamboo in traditional methods in Vietnam. Natural bamboos have become eco-friendly furniture, life appliance, clothes and even housing materials by artisans. Manufacturing […]

A wonderful time in Da Nang

Let’s get away from the bustling city life to have a full relaxation holiday resting and refilling your energy. The last 4-day-trip to Da Nang brought me unforgettable experiences and was one of our best holidays ever. After months of working, all you need is to relax and to clear your mind. For me, going […]

Son Doong Insight

When caught with a thirst for adventure, Vietnam’s Son Doong Cave is one of the few destinations that stand out on this gorgeous planet, the Huffington Post marked on its website. In addition, Son Doong cave in Quang Binh was ranked No. 5 in the top 10 destinations adventurous tourists need to visit once in […]

Coffee drinking culture in Vietnam

Strong and flavorful Vietnamese coffee makes renovates as fast as it raises pulses. Coffee might have brought to Vietnam by French colonists, but a morning cup of “ca phe” became a local habit eventually. With many variations that use egg, yoghurt, and even tropical fruit, Vietnamese coffee has formed its own unique style. Similar but […]

International Ambassadors’ adventure to Son Doong

Earlier this summer, between 11th and 15th May 2016, a group of international ambassadors to Vietnam have recently completed an exploration of Son Doong, the world’s biggest cave, which is located in the heart of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh, Vietnam. Besides the participating Ambassadors from six countries of the UK, Australia, […]

5 dishes you must try when you visit Cambodia

Thailand and Vietnam’s food are very famous, some people travels Vietnam Cambodia tours are so impressed with Vietnamese food that do not notice Cambodia’s food. But, if you try Cambodia ’s food once, you will very surprise how delicious they are. Below are top 5 dish of Campuchia that you should try when you come […]

A very Vietnamese holiday season

Although a predominantly Buddhist country, the Christmas and New Year Season in Vietnam is still one of the three main annual festivals along with the Lunar New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Unlike any other Western countries, visitors can find uniqueness and the Vietnamese identity during this Year End Season. Nowadays, both Christian and non-Christian […]