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Dragon fruit – A wonderful “fire ball”

Dragon fruit is one of the most beautiful and unique must-try tropical fruit of Asia. Not only be regarded as one of the tastiest fruit, dragon fruit is also recognized to improve health and prevent several diseases. Read the article to discover the irresistible taste of dragon fruit and plenty of health benefits it gives. […]

Coffee drinking culture in Vietnam

Strong and flavorful Vietnamese coffee makes renovates as fast as it raises pulses. Coffee might have brought to Vietnam by French colonists, but a morning cup of “ca phe” became a local habit eventually. With many variations that use egg, yoghurt, and even tropical fruit, Vietnamese coffee has formed its own unique style. Similar but […]

Cốm – Autumn’s special gifts for Hanoian

Cốm is a unique specialty of Hanoi. Hanoian appreciate this gift of Autumn as much as they call it a distinctive feature of the thousand-year-old capital. To make Cốm, there is a complicated process that Vietnamese farmers have cleverly invented and developed for hundreds years. Among all Cốm production villages, Vong village has been considered […]