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5 dishes you must try when you visit Cambodia

Thailand and Vietnam’s food are very famous, some people travels Vietnam Cambodia tours are so impressed with Vietnamese food that do not notice Cambodia’s food. But, if you try Cambodia ’s food once, you will very surprise how delicious they are. Below are top 5 dish of Campuchia that you should try when you come […]

Prepare for kids when traveling

Do not ever think kid will make it difficult for the family vacation. You just need to take time to prepare and thoughtfully care for your children, the trip will be fun and comfortable. This is also an opportunity for your children to explore the world around them. Let learn what you need to prepare […]

Hoi An – A great day

What a beautiful day during our trip in Hoi An – Viet Nam. The weather in Hoi An was hotter than in Hanoi. It was about at least 35 degree C with sweat running off most of the day, sun very intense and even locals found it hot.

Do’s and Dont’s in Vietnam

Are you planning for a beach vacation in Vietnam? EVIVA would like to introduce you some useful tips below. Do’s – Bring a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or higher so that your skin can be protected while you are relaxing on the beaches. Please apply sunscreen on your body at least […]

5 things FREE in Da Nang

Da Nang is not only one of the top wonderful destinations in Vietnam with stunning landscape and delicious seafood but also is well-known as the most civilized city in Vietnam. Moreover, Da Nang has free things that will amaze tourists. 1. Free pure water on street You can easily see a bottle of iced water […]

taxi in vietnam

5 useful tips while traveling in Vietnam

Each country has its own rules for traveling in general. However, due to the difference in each one’s culture and characteristics, there would be different tips for traveling in these typical countries. Vietnam is not an exception for this rule as Vietnam has 54 different minorities and each one has their own culture and beliefs. […]

5 interesting things of Son Doong Cave

5 interesting things of Son Doòng Cave

Known as the largest natural cave in the world, Son Doong Cave in Quang Binh province contains many hidden secrets that scientists still can’t decode. This is a destination which Western tourists are willing to pay $ 3,000 (about 63, 6 million) for a tour but they have to book and wait after 2016 because […]

What scams in Vietnam you should avoid?

Traveling to a new country for the first time with no knowledge about the language, currency, or local customs makes you become a target for bad people to take advantage. Like other Southeast Asia countries, Vietnam has some scams that can effects travelers. Here are some common scams in Vietnam that you need to avoid: […]