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Vietnam Destinations for Couples

The Maldives, Seychelles, Greece, Bali, Paris… are real magnet places that attract couples from all around the world. However, if you do not want to follow beaten tracks and travel to such banal places surrounded by a dozen of other couples, the list of Vietnam destinations below will help you to get a truly unforgettable […]

Top 5 MVs that make you want to visit Vietnam

Music is fascinating. We all have experiences of being emotionally moved after listening to music or see an image that captures particular places. Every song can take you on a journey. Any images of particular places can inspire and create an emotional connection. It’s enough to make you want to book a flight and pack […]

The poetic beauty of Trang An in autumn

When winter is around the corner, Trang An, the former capital of Vietnam is painted in peaceful lush green, instead of glowing golden ripen rice fields like it used to be in May and June. To capture the panoramic view of Trang An from above, Mua Mountain is an ideal site with more than 500 […]

Hoi An Old Quarter

What to do in Hoi An, Vietnam

There are many posts about travel to Hoi An that you can easily find on websites of travel agencies. Some other posts of travel-bloggers,travel-magazines also are interesting and helpful. Contributing as a reference source for you, I want to share with you what I did and you also do when traveling in Hoi An for […]

Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Top Attractions in Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Pu Luong is a picture of bold green nature. It is not just the green of forests and hills, but also the early terraced fields. Each of the green patches connected along the horizon, creating a green, vibrant and energetic scenery that makes anyone visiting Pu Luong must be fascinated. Pu Luong’s climate is especially […]

Van Long Wetland – the unique peaceful waveless bay

Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve, a lagoon in Ninh Binh Province, is known for its peaceful landscape a combination of limestone mountains, white clouds and blue sky reflected on the tranquil water. 80 kilometers away from Hanoi, Van Long Wetland reserve, the biggest nature reserve in the Red River Delta, is often called the “mystery […]

Hanoi museum, Vietnam

Top 5 fascinating museums in Hanoi

Like other ancient places, Hanoi possesses the top 5 must-visit museums. The capital city of Vietnam is famous for its long history and diverse culture. There are countless places to see here. But we would recommend some places for some quality quiet time, with 5 fascinating museums in Hanoi. This is a good way to […]

The charms of Hoi An

The charms of Hoi An – the best city in the world

Famous for its age-old shop houses, relaxing beach, and poetic river, Hoi An (Quang Nam) is truly a sight to behold. Surpassing many well-known cities like Tokyo (Japan), Chiang Mai (Thailand),… Hoi An has been voted to be the best city in the world by Travel and Leisure, a famous travel magazine based in the […]