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Shopping Authentic Silk in Vietnam

Shopping Authentic Silk in Vietnam

It was in November 2019. Three months ago, I had a great chance to be a volunteer at the Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day event. With the series of “silk” activities celebrated, I was highly impressed with the talk show named “The sound of silk”. Holding a soft silk craft on my hands and listening to […]

Hoi An: A seductive shining jewel

If you ever wonder how to satisfy your cravings for traveling, just uncover the enchanting Hoi An, the greatest paradise I’ve ever set foot on. Hoi An is one of many magnificent destinations for not only Vietnamese but also foreign travelers – which, in a not so exaggerated way, is a grappling hook of attraction. […]

Sea-walking: An extraordinary experience at Cham Islands

Have you ever imaged that you could breathe normally underwater as a mermaid? Have you ever thought how you could communicate with each other in such strange environment? Apparently, it is no longer your imagination anymore, the sea-trek at Cham Islands in Hoi An, Viet Nam will allow you to encounter those experience impressively. What […]

Hoi An – A great day

What a beautiful day during our trip in Hoi An – Viet Nam. The weather in Hoi An was hotter than in Hanoi. It was about at least 35 degree C with sweat running off most of the day, sun very intense and even locals found it hot.