Hoi An – where the green and blue could be in harmony

1. Tra Que Village – The harmony of nature

One of the destinations attracting visitors to Hoi An is Tra Que Village, which is just about 3 kilometers far away from town. If you want to discover the unique taste of local cuisine, vegetables and herbs, this is where you could win the answer. You might find out that Hoi An’s popular dishes such as Cao Lau or chicken rice would never be such special without Tra Que vegetables.

Tra Que Village – A fascinating destination in Hoi An.

Here you will see a vast green field full of vegetables and herbs guaranteed the best quality of product. Tra Que village is well known as a 200 year-old traditional village producing greens without using chemical fertilizer. The farmers grow vegetables and herbs on fat land, they manure by alga taking from Co Co river, which makes vegetables taste differently. For many years, Tra Que Village has been producing 20 different types of vegetable products with unique tastes. Therefore, it depends on how you mix them together would create various of flavors such as spicy, sour, sweet, bitter or acrid. Vegetables from this area always go to restaurants around town to provide the freshest and healthiest dishes for everyone in town.

Tourists are learning the traditional ways to cook Vietnamese dishes under chef’s instructions.

Visiting Tra Que, tourists can try a cooking course to make their own dishes and learn how to use the ingredients as an entertaining and interesting memory. With the instructions of the chef, they will learn how to prepare and cook traditional Vietnamese dishes or make some flowers and animals by vegetables for decoration. Last but not least, people could enjoy their achievements while feeling the warm of local people with hearts of gold.

2. An Bang Beach – The harmony of azure blue and navy blue

Keep going through Hai Ba Trung Street for about 10 minutes, away from the green of Tra Que Village, a dreamlike blue scenery will appear just in front of you, that is the blue of An Bang Beach. Unlike the usual bustle of other beaches, An Bang Beach will charm you with its peaceful and quite atmosphere. Different from Cua Dai Beach, where you can find partying places and meet people in a noisy crowd, An Bang is where the views are what really sell the place and you can listen to the sound of the sea and wallow in the sunset.

“Eat, sleep, swim, repeat. It’s a nice little itinerary and it sets the languorous rhythm of An Bang’s lifestyle.” (Source: kenh14.vn)

Just about 15 minutes driving away from Hoi An ancient town, An Bang Beach is one of the best places for relaxing and sun bathing. Walking along the very long coast full of powdery white sands and pristine blue water, you can easily rent a chair at a shady spot with just VND50.000 (~$2.5), turn on some music and enjoy an interesting book of your own. Moreover, whether you seek shade, privacy or family-friendly spots, you will have plenty of space to choose from to go for a swim, build a sand castle or take an afternoon map.

3. Cu Lao Cham – The harmony of the seas

Considered as a beautiful pearl of Hoi An in the central coast province of Quang Nam, tourists can also take an express boat for about 30 minutes from Cua Dai Beach to reach Cham Island, or a slower 45-minute-boat to enjoy sightseeing by fisherman’s boat. Cham Island is a group of 8 small islands, which has been recognized by UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserve.

Tourists take boats from Cua Dai Beach to Cu Lao Cham. (Source: Ivivu)

For those who like tranquility, unspoiled countryside and relaxation, this island is an appropriate spot. Its beaches which are almost untouched by humans are as beautiful as those on Phu Quoc Island off Kien Giang Province in the country’s south. Visitors can enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine.

Instead of staying in hotels, visitors can experience homestays for just about VND50.000 – VND100.000 ($3-$6)/person/night, or maybe go camping on Bai Ong, Bai Huong with many kind of services. Try the delicacies of this area at least once then you will be attracted to the savors of authentic seafood like type of snails, special ink, tasty rack crab, etc.

Tasty rack crab in Cu Lao Cham. (Source: dattour)

Given the advantages of having more than 1,500 ha of natural forest and more than 6,700 ha of water surface, and being home to a critical ecosystem that includes coral reefs, seaweed and sea grass beds, the Pearl of Hoi An has attracted tourists who are interested in adventures and nature discovery.

There are many marine activities, water sports like: scuba diving, swimming, boat ricing, water skiing, etc. that visitors can spend one or even two days to explore this picturesque ecosystem.

Scuba diving activity is the most popular in Cu Lao Cham. (Source: luxurycruisemekong)

Last year, The Cham Island Tourist Co Ltd. decided to launch a new and fascinating tour to explore the undersea world: walking tour under the sea. This is the second place in Vietnam to provide a sea-trekking service after Nha Trang City. Tourists taking part in this tour have to wear a special helmet with oxygen supply and follow a tour guide while underwater. During the tour, tourists will have an exhilarating experience when watching and touching corals and sea creatures as. This service operation brings a large amount of visitors to Cu Lao Cham every year and plays an important role in the development of tourism here.