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Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free Vietnamese food

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free Vietnamese food

Tired of eating the same vegan food every day when traveling? Coming to Vietnam, you may have read through numerous articles saying that Vietnam is a country of meat lovers, where people consider fish sauce their religion and meat-based broth the secret to every tasty noodle soup. Beyond that, there is a lot more to […]

6 fantastic facts about Vietnam food culture you should not miss

6 facts about Vietnam food culture you should not miss

Having an upcoming trip to Vietnam, you find the food culture in this Southeast Asia country is still a mystery? Stay cool to read our 5-minute blog, which will reveal 6 sharp insights about the food culture in Vietnam from the taste, the spices, the eating habits, and cooking methods. And number 5 will surprise […]

Hanoi museum, Vietnam

Top 5 fascinating museums in Hanoi

Like other ancient places, Hanoi possesses the top 5 must-visit museums. The capital city of Vietnam is famous for its long history and diverse culture. There are countless places to see here. But we would recommend some places for some quality quiet time, with 5 fascinating museums in Hanoi. This is a good way to […]

Vietnamese coffee brands

Best Vietnamese coffee brands to buy home

Vietnamese coffee: Best brands for Instant coffee, Ground coffee and Weasel coffee. Walking pass Hanoi or Saigon streets, you will recognize the coffee drinking culture of Vietnam: from the streetside “phin” coffee in the Old Quarter to the iced coffee of Sai Gon. Among thousands of coffee shops and hundreds of brands, how can you […]

The charms of Hoi An

The charms of Hoi An – the best city in the world

Famous for its age-old shop houses, relaxing beach, and poetic river, Hoi An (Quang Nam) is truly a sight to behold. Surpassing many well-known cities like Tokyo (Japan), Chiang Mai (Thailand),… Hoi An has been voted to be the best city in the world by Travel and Leisure, a famous travel magazine based in the […]

West Lake flower valley

Top flower villages that you should not miss when in Hanoi

The flower villages of Hanoi are usually at its best in the fresh spring, brightly blooming even in less flattering climate. Famous places like the West Lake valley, Nhat Tan peach garden,.. have become the favorite place for photography for local families and friends. This is the place to get relaxed after a long discovering […]


Top luxury wellness resorts in Vietnam

Wellness resorts with with mental therapy or yoga retreat are now a popular travel trend in the world and in Vietnam. Nowadays, when choosing a resort or hotel for a leisure vacation, vacationers also consider physical and mental health treatment, besides traditional facilities. The world is moving so fast that sometimes one cannot take a […]

Danang International Fireworks Festival 2019 – all you have to know

This June and July, the sky in Danang will be lit up with breathtaking displays of fireworks from 8 world-class teams in the much-anticipated fireworks festival – DIFF 2019. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, DIFF 2019 with the theme “Stories from the rivers”, promises to bring audience gripping experience with colourful explosions in the sky and […]

Hoi An, Vietnam

A western look on Vietnam

We all have some stereotypes about almost everything, Vietnam is also suffering from clichés. This article will show you that it’s much better to travel; discovering a culture by yourself, rather than blindly believe in others. You will discover some aspects of Vietnam through a westerner’s look. And realize that the reality can be different […]