Best Vintage café and Coffee shops in Hanoi

No surprise, Hanoi is a capital of coffee shops and cafés.

Classic ceramic floor or the golden hue of old houses or garden villas has been the signature of the old Hanoi. And these are probably best seen in vintage coffee shops, where they artistically blend nostalgic spaces of old mansions to modern design of cafés. If you want to experience the beauty of time or idyllic beauty of garden villas, these coffee shops are something you can’t miss. To help you with that, below are our picks for the most charming Hanoian cafes and coffee shops of retro style.

Home Hanoi Restaurant

Address: No. 34, Chau Long Str, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Home was opened quite recently, yet it exudes a sense of antiquity and quaintness. This perfectly suits the taste of the ever-nostalgic customers. The owner, Entrepreneur Minh Do, is a connoisseur with exquisite taste and attention to detail. He has blown to the spacious Home a sense of traditional Vietnam beauty. Come here and you will definitely want to come back to this tranquil place.

  • Menu: Vietnamese food specialties
  • Recommended space in the café: The yard

Nha 9NKC

Address: No. 9 Nguyen Khac Can Str.

The beautiful “Home” on Nguyen Khac Can Str exude a sense of typical “old quarter” from its interior, exterior to its surrounding. From the outside, countless street food vendors and a traditional market offer numerous choices for grabbing a quick snack. Inside out, the decor and setting is the perfect combination between the classical French and contemporary style. The elegant change from corner to corner might be a bonus of this cafe as it can suit numerous situation, from friends get-together to business meeting. Better, Home is situated on shady Nguyen Khac Can street that cross the large boulevards such as Ly Thuong Kiet, Hai Ba Trung and only minutes of walking from the Sword Lake or Opera House.

  • Menu: Mainly Western food, Vietnamese food lunch set
  • Recommended space in the café: The opening roofs in the middle of the villa

CCCP Hanoi 67

Address: No. 67A Nguyen Thai Hoc Str.

Hanoi 67 has a spacious, airy garden space that other old villas rarely have. This tranquil place is heaven for those who would like to work at Hanoi cafes. Many customers have commented “I found Hanoi right in the heart of Hanoi” about Hanoi 67. Here, you can easily find an image of the old Hanoi in the stillness of space. Decoration is simple but not monotonous. Just as gentle as Hanoi people. Especially, the price of drinks here is quite reasonable considering the common price.

  • Recommended space in the café: The yard

Green Tangerine Hanoi

Address: No. 48 Hang Be Str.

Hanoi cafe restaurant is a must-go for those who love French cuisine in particular and love l’Hexagone country in general. Inspired by the ancient villages of Southern France, the decoration of Green Tangerine brings gentleness, romance and antique. French-style interior in French architectural mansion located right in the centre of the Old Quarter. What is more of a place worth experiencing for French lovers?

  • Menu: French specialties and Vietnamese food
  • Recommended space in the café: The garden

Xofa cafe

Address: No. 14 Tong Duy Tan Str.

Xofa is located in the late-night street of Hanoi, Tong Duy Tan, right next to the best sporting bar of Puku Cafe. Like Puku, the 24/7 Xofa has attracted a large number of customers since its opening. In this cafe, from interior decoration to menu design or even the cups variety and staff uniform, all tune into a harmonious concept. Xofa’s meticulous owner has been very successful in creating such a cosy, peaceful atmosphere that still retains nature elements.

  • Menu: Specialized in drinks and cakes
  • Recommended space in the café: every corner

The Hanoi Social club

Address: No. 6 Hoi Vu Str.

The Hanoi Social club has long been a favorite cafe destination for those who love vintage cafés. Its time-worn decor, Asian layout and atmospheric rooftop garden have drawn many nostalgia-seeking visitors. If you happen to visit at an opportune time, you can best enjoy the quirkiness of this place. Check their Facebook page in advance, and come back on a night with live music.

  • Menu: Should try dishes in Healthy Food menu
  • Recommended space in the café: Terrace on the 3rd floor

Tranquil Books & Coffee

Address: No. 5 Nguyen Quang Bich St; 8 Nguyen Bieu St.

In the midst of busy Hanoi, Tranquil is a real hidden gem. The inside of this cafe is like a library, book shelves stretch to the ceiling. second floor with couches and floor seating. Great soundtrack of old music, peaceful just like its name, this is the perfect quiet space to escape the heat and noise of Hanoi. People can spend hours sipping coffee, relaxing, talking with friends or doing work in this shop.

  • Menu: Vietnamese coffee and Bourbon chocolate.
  • Recommended space in the café: Every corner, as the cafe is not too large in Nguyen Quang Bich St. The upstair greenhouse in 8 Nguyen Bieu shop.

Loading T

Address: 2nd floor, 8 Chan Cam Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Occupying the second floor of an ancient house on Chan Cam Street in Hoan Kiem District, Loading T is another stop for egg coffee. As CNN said in a new documentary: “In Hanoi, it’s all about egg coffee.” Still, it probably tastes different in this atmosphere. The shop is also loved for its teas, smoothies and cakes.
“People in Hanoi, they love coffee. So you can really explore Hanoi through coffee shops,” said the presenter of the CNN film.

Beto Bistro

Address: No 1B Hai Ba Trung St., Hanoi

Compared to the above retro coffee shops, Beto seem younger and more vibrant. That liveliness also lies in the concept of the owner. Golden yellow wall is an extremely eye-catching highlight of the entire space of Beto. You will have a good time with close friends.

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